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Working with organizations
facing or creating change
to align strategy, identity,
capacity & facilities
with vision, mission & values.

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on nonprofit strategy, planning, & organizational development.

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Strategic Planning as Organizational Development


October 21

Beyond Strategic Planning:

The Case for Integrated Planning


November 4

Building Understanding I:

An Overview of Facility Planning or Renewal for Nonprofits


November 18

Building Understanding II:

Facility Development Options and Decisions


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Cultivating Stakeholders

A strategy of inclusion for challenging times

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1:00 pm Eastern / 10:00 am Pacific

There are many good reasons for broad, inclusive planning processes in nonprofits. We plan because change happens and we have to adapt. We plan to get out of our comfort zones, because the obvious is often wrong, and multiple perspectives can help us discover wise directions. We plan to focus our communal efforts, dismiss distractions, and develop critical metrics. However, we also come together to plan because our stakeholders are our fundamental source of strength. A planning process that includes as many stakeholders as possible (in appropriate ways) builds connection and enthusiasm, enhances self-awareness and mutual understanding, and develops strategic thinking and informed leadership. This workshop will explore all of these issues and ideas. Participants will gain an understanding of the basic structure of an effective planning process, ways of adapting it for individual organizations, the roles of various stakeholders and how to engage them, and some specific tools to use in planning.

The Presenter

Sam Frank founded Synthesis Partnership in 1995. He has experience as a staff member, volunteer, and trustee as well as a consultant. Sam has served on the boards of local and national non-profit organizations addressing education, health care, preservation, homelessness and the environment. He has offered workshops on integrated planning at more than a dozen national and regional conferences of nonprofit associations. He writes a free e-newsletter, Critical Issues in Strategy, Planning and Organizational Development, available through the Synthesis Partnership website; and writes a blog on nonprofit issues. Before founding Synthesis Partnership Sam was Director of Architecture and Design at Corning Incorporated, and Dean of Architecture and Design at Rhode Island School of Design. He was educated in English literature at Princeton University, architecture at Harvard University, and architectural history, theory and criticism at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.